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Our mission is to provide investors with new stock investment opportunities that are non-biased and non-emotional.

It does not matter if you are new to trading or if you have 20 years of experience already. Our system will find you profitable opportunities.

Scroll down to find out how our different products can help you become a successful stock trader immediately.

Biotech Insider Alert

In a nutshell, biotechnology is an industry that focuses on novel drug development and clinical research aimed at treating diseases and medical conditions. Biotechnology companies are almost always unprofitable, and many have no real revenue at all.

However, this does not mean that you cannot make profit on trading biotech stocks. Biotech stocks are often very volatile and therefore it is very important to follow insider trading, especially from executives such as the CEO or CFO.

The know exactly what's going on and what the latest status of an FDA trial is or if they are going to sign a new partnership deal.

We've seen stocks go up by a 1,000% in just a few days after insiders bought shares quite a few times over the last couple of years.

Basic Materials Insider Alerts

The basic materials sector is a category of stocks that accounts for companies involved with the discovery, development and processing of raw materials. The sector includes the mining and refining of metals, chemical producers and forestry products. The basic materials sector is sensitive to changes in the business cycle. Because it supplies materials for construction, it depends on a strong economy.

The basic materials sector is super interesting and can be very lucrative.

When you subscribe for the basic materials alerts you will usually see a lot of clustered alerts around the same time. For example when the oil price took a hit, you saw a lot of insiders buy shares in their own oil production companies. When the gold price was at it's low, you saw a lot of insiders buy shares in their mining companies.

Insiders are way ahead of market analysts and portfolio managers, let alone individual investors.

Let them help you become a successful trader instantly!

Technology Insider Alerts

The technology sector is the category of stocks relating to the research, development and/or distribution of technologically based goods and services. This sector contains businesses revolving around the manufacturing of electronics, creation of software, computers or products and services relating to information technology.

The technology sector is the sector of the future. But there are so many tech companies listed on the stock exchange, how will you find the next Google, Facebook, or Apple?

It is very difficult to find technology companies that make money. Many of them are cool companies and have great products and tons of followers, users or fans, but they're losing money due to their revenue model. Think of companies like Snapchat and Twitter, check out their stock charts. You think their investors are happy?

With our technology insider alerts we will focus specifically on the small and mid-sized companies. Insiders know when finances are good and when a new product launch or partnership deal is going to happen.

Be the first one to hear about insiders buying shares of their own companies. Sign up for our technology insider alerts now!

All-in Insider Alert

Our all-in insider alert package is a combination of all of the three sectors above PLUS all other sectors, such as consumer goods, business services, utilities and many more.

We know that the majority of insiders is coming from one of the three sectors above, but we also know that a combination of all sectors together works best to make profits all year round on the market. As the famous quote states: "Never put all yours eggs in one basket".

Remember this if you want to make serious money on the market:

  • Follow insiders when they buy,
  • Executives such as CEOs and CFOs know more,
  • A lot of trading is better than a little,
  • People at small and mid-sized companies know more,
  • Stay diversified.