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The Definition of Insider Trading

Monday, 27 January 2014 by

Boom!! As the whole market was enveloped in a pathetic week, insiders brought their game again. Another +10% jump on the books and congrats to our Premium Subscribers once again! This is The Definition of Insider Trading.

The Definition of Insider Trading

In short, we had a repeat of Week #4 in the world of insiders. If you follow insider buying behavior, you know that since the beginning of time, insider buying is correlated with jumps in the stock price. CEOs know more about their company than any other person and when they buy stock of their own company (legally), the market at least assumes something is up, and if it is, the stock spikes. Simple as that. It has been proven time and time again in statistical studies that our strategy works.

As  most of our subscribers know, we actually love this strategy mostly because it is safe as you are protected to the downside because of market expectations. Next to that, you get a lot of short term jumps to profit from! This week we had two alerts displaying just that with $SANW and $UTSI popping up in our and our premium subscriber’s inboxes on Tuesday and Wednesday. For people who want to get these alerts, you have access to a 14 day free trial and you can cancel any time.

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$UTSI did not move around much and we signed off with a 0.5% loss there. For new people reading this, this is great news. No stock market strategy gets a winner every time. Not a single one. The difference is that we barely lose any money on the non-performers. You will notice that the stock did not tank. It just did not move around much as we are protected by the expectations of the market. Then we had $SANW, which booked us a +10% jump in a few days! This is the definition of what we do: statistically proven, protected by market expectations, quick in and out, high percentage of winners. Once again, I am not claiming that we are better than anybody else. But we do have the key to regularly participating in strong short-term gains safely and reliably.

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