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About Our Strategy

Insider trading. The term shows up in the media more and more each day. Not in a bad way, referring to backdoor deals and trading secrets, but in a positive, legal way. More and more people are beating the market by following CEO’s, CFO’s, etc. that are investing in their own company. There can be a number of reasons insiders would sell shares of their company, but only one reason they buy new stock. Because they feel it’s going up. And they are right more often than not!

I thought insider trading is illegal?

Yes it is. And for that reason, trading for people with knowledge of the inside workings of a company, such as CEO’s, is highly regulated.

How is that?

Let’s say I am the CEO of a company and would like to trade stock, personally, of the company I am the CEO of. However, I am the CEO, so I know a lot about how the company is doing. This means I have access to information the public doesn’t have.

Why is that a big deal?

Because trading the stock of the company I am the CEO of, based on this information the public doesn’t have, is unfair and also illegal. This is also why the term insider trading gets a bad reputation.

Why does this all matter?

Plenty of studies have shown, that trades from insiders have a very high statistical chance of success. It has made people very rich or saved them from losing a lot of money. A high number of insider buys jump 5% – 10% and a lot of them higher, right after they are known. We post an example almost weekly on If there was a way we can make the same trades fast, we would grow rich fast right?

So what happens then?

Legal insider trading is definitely allowed, which means I can trade if I report every trade I make to the SEC as a CEO and don’t trade based on non-public information. This is very difficult, however, as I almost constantly possess such information. This means that I will always have some sort of an edge on the market, even if I play by the rules.

Do I have to keep my eyes on this website all day?

You can. It’s free. There is a ton of information on there, most of it not applicable to what we want, however. Many trades, even if they are insiders, are not interesting. We only want to be alerted for the most interesting trades, of certain types of people, in certain industries.

Right! But how do I do that?

Well, most trades have to be made public so they can be found on the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website. You are welcome to have a look at

So what is the easiest way for me to make money from insider trading?

We developed software to get the important insider trading information that is publicized to the SEC website and wrap it in an Alert for our subscribers. It’s an intricate system that sends you an alert by e-mail when interesting insiders have bought stock from their company in real-time.

So you want my money?

We don’t actually need your money. However, we don’t want to give our insider trading alerts away for free either. So here is how we settle it: you can have access to our alerts for FREE for 30 days, whichever plan you choose. If you don’t like what you see, you can cancel any time. You can also cancel anytime during your plan. We don’t want customers that don’t want to be customers. Simple as that. If you like to make money easy and legally, however, sign up for your Free Trial on the Premium Alerts page.